Congraluations to Dr. P.P. Binu, for his remarkable acheivement

Assoc. Prof.(Dr) P.P. Binu, Department of Mechanical Engineering has been awarded Ph.D. in faculty of Engineering from Cochin University of Science & Technology for the thesis entitled “ Studies on Polymer Nanocomposite with special reference to Polyester- Cloisite 15A Nanocomposite. The research...

Robo-picker grasps and packs

New robotic system could lend a hand with warehouse sorting and other picking or clearing tasks.

Smart Material That Changes Stiffness When Twisted or Bent

A new smart and responsive material can stiffen up like a worked-out muscle, say the Iowa State University engineers who developed it. Stress a muscle and it gets stronger. Mechanically stress the rubbery material -- say with a twist or a bend -- and the material automatically stiffens by up to...