ISO 9001:2015 : Twenty staff members of SNGCE are appointed as internal auditors for ISO audit.

Congraluations !!!!!!!!. Twenty staff members of SNGCE have successfully completed internal Auditor training and are appointed as internal auditors for ISO 9001:2015@SNGCE.

Internal Auditors

Sl No:Team Members
1Dr.Kavitha P E, Professor, CE(Management Representative -1)
2Dr.Bindusree A.R, Assoc. Professor, MBA (Management Representative -2)
3Dr.Binu P.P, Assoc. Professor, ME (Management Representative -3)
4Ms.Preetha Prabhakaran, Assoc. Professor, CE
5Ms.Rekha Raveendran, Asst. Professor, CE
6Mr.K N Krishnan Nambeesan, Assoc. Professor, ME
7Ms. Saritha K.S., Assoc. Professor, EEE
8Ms.Shemi P.A., Asst. Professor, EEE
9Ms. Nimmy M.K., Asst. Professor, CSE
10Ms. Swapna Sasikumar, Asst. Professor, CSE
11Ms. Priyanka Udayabhanu, Asst. Professor, ECE
12Ms. Nitha S. Unni, Asst. Professor, CSE
13Mr. Arunprasath P, Asst. Professor,NASB
14Mr.Vishnu R, Asst. Professor, NASB
15Ms. Smitha K.S, Asst. Professor, CA
16Ms. Alby S., Asst. Professor, CA
17Ms. Rajani Sunny T, Asst. Professor, MBA
18Mr. Arun Rajan, Asst. Professor, S&H
19Ms.Reji.P.R, Asst. Professor, S&H
20Ms. Surya K.S.,Off.Asst.Grade-1

ISO Audit is Scheduled for 6th and 7th of August 2018