Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE)

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The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established during the inception of the institute in 2002. The B. Tech. course in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) was started with an approved strength of 60 students, and the intake was enhanced to 120 in 2006. Since its commencement, the primary objective of the department has been to impart quality education, training and research at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in various areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering. In postgraduate level the department offers M. Tech. course in Communication Engineering (24 seats). The state-of-the-art laboratories and audio visual facilities complement the high standards set by the university syllabus and nurture the inclination of the students towards research and development, besides giving them the necessary and sufficient backing of practical knowledge that they need. The department has highly qualified and experienced faculty members. Students are encouraged to share their ideas and learning with fraternity of engineering students in the state through participation in seminars and workshops. Department conducts national and international Seminars and Symposiums every year. It gives an opportunity for our students to interact with other University students and share their views and technical knowledge.


  • The Department was accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (All India Council for Technical Education), New Delhi.
  • State-of-the-art laboratories and infrastructure facilities to carry out consultancy works as well as research works.
  • The Department Association (EXPLORA) is very active and organizes periodical seminars and invited talks by experts from industry and academy.
  • The Department supports a full complement of Computer Systems and Software applications with high speed wireless internet access.
  • The students are effectively guided by a group of well qualified and devoted staff members. The infrastructure facilities and the team work of the staff members culminate delivery of the curriculum.
  • Conducts National and International seminars to update the developments in the field and improve the paper publication capability of the students.
  • The Department offers training programs in various industries to the students equipping them to acquire certification in some areas by the time they complete the degree program.
  • The Department conducts workshops and FDPs for the benefit of faculty and students.
  • Department has achieved high success rate in campus placement.
  • The Department has strong research capability in the field of Image Processing, Network Security, Embedded System and Communication.
  • The Department has institutional membership in professional bodies like ISTE, IEEE, IETE, and student chapter of WIE to support the student community.
  • Conducts social service activities.



The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering offers the following Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses:

PG Program
No. of Seats No. of Semesters
B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering  90 8
M. Tech. in Communication Engineering 24 4

Course Objectives

B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics has become an integral part of our lives; a basic understanding of electronics has become a necessity. Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is an advancing field, with new ideas emerging every second.

  • The Department of ECE in Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering gives considerable weight age to occupational placements and practice-based courses.
  • The department aims at enhancing technical and professional competency, moral and ethical values among students.
  • The students are not only trained in academic excellence but are also encouraged to acquire industry exposure through in-plant training sessions.
  • Department has strong interaction with industries. Frequent industrial visits are organized to train the students in the leading industries like BSNL, ITI Ltd, KELTRON, etc.


M. Tech. in Communication Engineering

Another postgraduate course offered by the department is the M. Tech. in Communication Engineering. It is to develop communication engineers to meet the growing demands of quality manpower in the field of Communication Technology. The course enables:

  • To impart in-depth knowledge of communication engineering theory and practice sessions by exposing them to various fields like Signal Processing, Advanced Radiation Systems, Optical Network, Digital Network, etc.
  • To provide training in the laboratories on the design and implementation of communication subsystems based on DSP, Wireless Communication, Antenna Design and Optical Network.
  • To give advanced knowledge in the field communication engineering so that the graduates can serve the industry, R&D centers, and can take up academic careers.



The department has six well equipped laboratories to run the Under Graduate and Post Graduate programmes as per MGU syllabus and two add-on labs.

  1. Circuits Lab .
  2. DIC Lab
  3. Communication Lab .
  4. Advanced Software Lab
  5. VLSI & Embedded S ystem Lab .
  6. Advanced Communication Lab

Add-on labs.

R & D Lab: Department provides plenty of opportunities to research minded students to sharpen their research skills. The purpose of this research lab is to ask questions and solve problems. Department has an exceptional resource, with unique capabilities.


Mr. Deepak P.
Associate Professor, ECE.

Graduated from Madras University, Chennai in Electronics and Communication Engineering and Master of Engineering from Anna University, Chennai. Pursuing Doctoral research in Image Processing at M.G University, Kottayam. Carrying Diploma in Biomedical engineering with 2 years of industrial experience in this field. Nearly 17 years of teaching experience includes 13 years at B.Tech level and 4 years at Diploma level. Has 10 publications in refereed conferences and journals are the added credits in the career. Acting as a certified ISO auditor from the department and carries the position of NSS department coordinator. Performed as IEEE branch counsellor since 2009 to 2014. 

Teaching Staff


Mr. Deepak P.

Associate Professor, ME.


Mr. Shyju Y.

Associate Professor, ME


Ms. Seema Padmarajan

Asst. Professor, B.Tech, M.Tech


Ms. Shiji Abraham

Asst. Professor, M.Tech.


Ms. Seena George

Asst. Professor,M.Tech in VLSI & ES .


Ms. Priyanka Udayabhanu

Asst. Professor, M.Tech.


Mr. Aby Mathew

Asst. Professor, M.Tech


Ms. Nitha S. Unni

Asst. Professor, M.Tech.


Ms. Ranju S. Kartha

Asst. Professor,M.TECH in Cyber Security.


Ms. Divya S.

Asst. Professor, M.Tech


Ms. Soumya A.M.

Asst.Professor, M.Tech


Ms.Prathibha Varghese

Asst. Professor, M.Tech in VLSI & ES


Mr. Jijo Varghese

Asst. Professor, ME


Ms. Anjaly Viswan

Asst. Professor, M. Tech.


Ms. Neethu Bhaskaran

Asst. Professor, M. Tech


Student Group

Student Group